If you want a beautiful life, you have to be fierce about it.

Feminist AF courses for highly ambitious + secretly tender women

Steer Your Year

Life is complicated. That’s why you need a good compass and a map. Start steering your way through your goals and life’s pesky details with these elegant tools. (I literally could not get ANYTHING done without them). Think: To-Do list meets vision board.

The EFBA Toolkit

Life is tough, but you’re tougher. Here’s everything you need to take you through a full year like an EFBA (that’s an epic effing badass, dahling). Practical tools and an inspiring library to help you get stronger each month, plus a hardback journal to keep it grounded, gorgeous, & galvanized.

Practical Magic for Secret Mystics

You’re not too much. You’re not too sensitive. You’re not too intense. You’re not too emotional. But if you’ve ever been told that, you just might be an empath. This is the secret manual to help you harness those superpowers so you can set energetic boundaries, tap into your intuition, and be a force for good in the world… while taking no shit.

Money in the Bank

Let’s be honest; traditional personal just DOES NOT APPLY when you work for yourself. 401Ks? Company match? Try launch cycles, feast-or-famine, and the neverending hustle. Here’s how to ACTUALLY manage your money so you always have enough… yep, even as a creative entrepreneur.

The Queen Sweep

Get your queendom in order like a badass royal of valor and glory. Less clutter, more beauty. Bring order to your home, your to-do list, your money, your paper, and your finances…and look fantastic while you do it. This is a live course that’ll make your life beautiful, one practical system at a time, and it runs once or twice a year.