Private Coaching

For Extraordinary Women Doing Almost-Impossible Things Like Total Fucking Rock Stars But Secretly Suspecting They Might Break Something Sacred Inside Themselves If They Keep Going Too Long Like This.


(Yeah, sure, everybody’s tired, but for real, your life is actually truly insane. Listen– I believe you. I work with women who do IMPOSSIBLE things every damn day.)

No one has any idea how hard you’re working to make it all look effortless and awesome. And it does look awesome. Other people look at you and think, She’s arrived.

But all you can see is how much further you have to go…and you secretly worry that you might not make it there.

Then there’s the fact that you’re just the teensiest bit drained and tapped out. No one is allowed to whisper “burnout” in your presence. Everybody stop talking to you about damned self-care.

But the way you got here juuuuuust might not be sustainable for the long haul.

Yes, you can power through. Because you’re wise and tenacious and resilient and you’ll get through— you always do— but heavens to betsy.  
It’s just so much.

You did 12 hard things already today but 14 more just landed in your inbox. Daycare called and the client wants an answer now and New York needs to know when you’re coming. You can hardly breathe. You don’t mind working hard, but is it supposed to be THIS hard?

The pressure is so intense. So many decisions to make, so many people to consider, so much riding on ALL of it.

And you can’t talk to anybody about it. Partly because they work for you or they’re potential clients or they just plain overshare on Instagram. But also because you’re so lucky to have these problems— lots of people would love to have your problems, blah blah guilt blah— but it’s fucking exhausting to always have to put on a brave face, 24×7. Even to yourself. Every move scrutinized.

Plus there’s the BIG things going on behind the scenes that no one even knows about. They take up so much emotional energy— but those things, you really, really can’t talk about.

It’s lonely.

This is for you if...

You’re tired. Just so damn tired.

Because your work matters to you. And when you do it right, it matters to the whole world.

And deep down, when no one is watching, you know it’s not so crazy to think that you’re supposed to do big things.

Things so big you can hardly even whisper them out loud to yourself.

You’re heading for that moment of vindication: See, mofos, I DID have it in me. I was made for this. You all doubted me and look at me now!

You want to look amazing. You want to wear fabulous clothes so that you look like the person you feel like on the inside. (And sometimes it’s the opposite: you want to dress like such a badass that no one has any clue how scared you sometimes feel on the inside.) You want to come home to a beautiful home that is a true refuge, a sanctuary and respite. You want to take your kids on epic adventures in far-flung places, make merry with them, and soak up the magical moments. You want to fall in love with your partner again: you want hot sex and togetherness and solitude and trust. You want to know that you’re not frittering all your energy away on the mundane details like laundry and groceries…but obviously, all that still needs to get DONE. You want to know that the money you’re working so hard to make is going to the right places so that there’s plenty for all of it: for generosity, for joy, for pleasure, for beauty, but all the practical things like retirement and braces are taken care of too. You want that sweet spot where you’re doing the Big Work you know you were born to do, kicking ass like a fucking BOSS, but when you’re done you can actually sink into the relaxing, the blissing, the laughing, the loving.

It feels almost too shallow and silly to say it out loud.

Because sometimes it feels like something might be getting lost. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is. It’s ephemeral, fleeting. You just know that sometimes you yearn for something lost, something wild and sweet, something maybe you’ve only tasted in your imagination.

But along the way, you need it to feel…just…better.

Oh, but you wouldn't change it.

You want to actually feel PROUD of what you’re doing. You want to shake off that old sneaky feeling that it’s never enough, that they’re going to find out you’re an imposter.

You want to leave a legacy that LASTS. You want to be on the right side of history and make a difference in your community and your field. You want to be an empowering force for good, even if that’s just by reshaping the spiritual DNA you hand down to your kids.

You want to make room in your life for ALL of you— for you and your work, your beloveds, but also for the sensitive wild dreamer in you. The one who still gets scared sometimes, but also has a vision so big and fearless that it takes your breath away.

You crave more spaciousness— both in the physical world, in the midst of your hectic schedule, and inside yourself— to be and feel and dream and sink your roots down into your life. You want room to let yourself unfurl even bigger: to let those magical wings of your spirit spread right across the sky.

The deep breath that everything’s okay.

Because your heart is absolutely enormous.

And you love your people. Lordy, you love them from the bottom of your heart. And you want to BE with them. You want to make memories so vivid they imprint on your very soul.

You love the world. You care, oh fuck you care SO much— about the people you work with, the causes you fight for, the things you’re giving— they MATTER. You feel it down in your bones.

You love your work. What you do with your talents MATTERS. You want to show up as your strongest, fiercest, toughest self. You can truly make a difference and you’re not going to shy away from that. You’re going to kick some serious ass.

You want to live it ALL in its glory and sweetness.  

(Except for days when you feel shredded.)
But you wonder if it always has to feel quite so relentless. Or so lonely.
You’re taking care of so many people— your employees, your readers, your team, your family— but sometimes, LORDY, don’t you could just push pause for a moment, and someone could take care of YOU?

You’re ready to play at this level. You LOVE this level.

You want that sweet,

elusive feeling of relief.

A blessed pause.

A place to say the messiest truths.

A moment to stop the damn merry-go-round.

A second to hear yourself think.

You kick ASS in your work. You’re sharp, creative, poised, resilient.
You’re KILLING it.
But you also step away from work, without guilt or worry.
You delegate and outsource like a boss. You focus on the big stuff.
You relish your time with the people you love; you connect deeply and authentically.
You have adventures! Big, wild, gorgeous adventures.
You show up for what truly matters and let the petty stuff go.  
You bring your A game, no matter what’s going on in your personal life, because you have the support to handle it all.
Your soul whispers thank you, I love you, I missed you, and then she gives you back your joy, your sex drive, and your hilarious sense of humor.
And you stop feeling guilty about ANY of it.

When you let yourself have the support that you so freely offer everyone else, here’s what happens:

Because when you give yourself a place of total honesty and refuge, when you have a place to collapse, when someone will help you put yourself back together again— when there’s a place in your life that is utterly safe and JUST for you— you can create every single damn thing you want.
Every. Damn. Thing.

And that little bit of sanctuary will change everything.

You Need a Haven.

I work privately with highly ambitious + secretly tender women who are working hard to kick ass in life. My clients are attorneys, producers, CEOs, Directors of Things, VPs of Other Things, best-selling authors, and also some extraordinary women who don’t have their impressive title yet but know they’re meant to and won’t stop ’til they get there.

We work together for 12 months to help you show up for your intense, demanding, complicated life as your best, kindest, fiercest, most loving, creative, tenacious self. No matter WHAT sort of drama erupts behind the scenes, you’ll handle it in the safe container of coaching and carry on with your bad self out in the world. That’s the power of having a trusted, safe ally in your corner who is cheering you on every step of the way and has your back through all of it.

Along the way, my clients report lots of profanity (that’s me) but also a strange sort of magic (that’s them). They start to experience surprisingly tender moments of joy and presence and a new sense of growing into their own skin.

Throughout all our work, I will keep relentlessly reminding you to be KIND to yourself for fuck’s sake because kindness breeds epic fucking daring and badassery.

How it works




A full year of emotional, strategic, and spiritual support. I’m in your corner, I’ve got your back, and I’m cheering you on the whole way. I am the world’s best secret-keeper and this is where you can tell me All The Things, just you and me. This is the one relationship in your life that is all about YOU, and where you can say ANYthing. You’re safe here.



This painless intake form will help me get up to speed on everything you’ve got going on, as well as leverage any insight you already have about yourself from past (like all of those self-assessment tools you’ve taken and love!) to make our work together super productive and elegant. This way we don’t waste a second of your precious time on the phone getting me up to speed on YOU and we can dive right into the juicy details of what delightful adventure you’re going to create next.



Your safe harbor: Private phone calls, just you and me, where you can say the truest truths and unpack it all and fall apart and put yourself back together and cry and swear and celebrate and brag on your badass self and dig deeper and always always always make a plan so you can go back to your world filled up, fired up, and crystal clear.



Whichever level of support you choose (below), we will always talk at least twice a month for a full year. This kind of steady, ongoing support that’s already built into your life is a game changer. You won’t wait for things to get tricky before you line up support for yourself— we weave our calls right into the texture of your life so that they are simply part of how you move through the world, with a trusted safety net of support, sympathy, humor, and awareness each month. I bring my honest but loving guidance to every call and something in you will relax just knowing that you have that strong web of support to lean on.



We end each call with a simple, straightforward plan for what you’ll do next. I’ll make you set tiny doable goals, because small wins breed momentum and hundreds of small wins stacked on top of each other week after week turn into HUGE BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORMATIONS. This helps you keep moving toward the things that matter most to you, no matter what life throws your way, so you can keep steering according to your truest priorities and values even as you navigate life’s inevitable challenges.



In addition to our pre-scheduled calls, you’ll have a “crisis card” you can play. This is an emergency mini-session. That way, when the shit hits the fan, or you have to make a decision QUICKLY, you have the guidance and clarity you need to choose wisely.



Before each call, you’ll do a non-judgy structured check-in to help you process everything happening in your world and pull out the most important threads. This gives you clarity week by week, but also an incredible record of how your year unfolds. You’ll be amazed when you look back and see how far you’ve come over the months of working together.



To support you on your journey, you’ll receive access to a suite of tools (some virtual, some sent the old-fashioned way) to help you kick ass and love on yourself. These will be given to you as needed to support your journey, not overwhelm you.


ALBUMS we deliver annually









COUNTRIES we've traveled to










by the numbers

Depending on what your life looks like right now, you’re going to want very different kinds of support. For example, if you’ve got a newborn, the very last thing you want to do is get on a plane. But if you’ve got older kids, an enforced getaway to replenish you every quarter just might be the most valuable thing you can do for your work, your body, and your family. Maybe you long for a deeper immersion into your own body and heart (hello horse whispering!) or maybe right now the thought of fitting in One More Thing is exhausting and you just need the emotional and strategic support of the coaching calls as quickly and efficiently as you can get it.

Paying attention to what life feels like right now and what would feel most nourishing and helpful to you, (watch for a lurch of YEARNING, that’s a clue that you’re on the right track), choose the level that’s right for you:

Which level of support is right for you?

Apply now


Investment: $15,000 USD

This package includes everything listed above, including 27 calls and 1 crisis card to play.

1 crisis card you can play for a crisis coaching call. Something big goes down, you text me, we hop on the phone ASAP for a mini-session!

2 calls a month (but 3 the first 3 months= 27 calls over the year).

This is the lean mean coaching machine for the woman who knows she needs support but also feels way too busy to possibly fit it in! This level takes place entirely over the phone (no travel) so it’s perfect for you when you’re totally slammed, you’ve just had a baby, or life doesn’t lend itself to planning trips ahead of time at the moment.

the warrior

Level one

sold out

Sold out

Investment: $35,000 USD

3 crisis cards. Something big goes down, you text me, we hop on the phone for a mini-session asap!

Up to 3 coaching calls a month. (ie 36 calls over the year).

2 private horse whispering excursions with moi: 1 near the beginning of the year, 1 near the end. All details will be organized according to your convenience, and you are welcome to bring a friend. If you’ve never done equus coaching before, it’s truly a magical and transformative experience and happens under the safe expert guidance of an equus coach. Travel & accommodations not included.

This package includes everything listed above, plus:

This next level is for the woman who yearns to go deeper. Who knows that sometimes, to make her life as gorgeous as she wants it to be, her soul requires her to actually STEP AWAY from that life now and then so she can see it more clearly and return refreshed and enlivened.

In addition to the private coaching, this package includes two private horse whispering retreats.

We’ll schedule one of these near the beginning of our year together and then again near the end, because you’ll be amazed at how differently you show up (and the horses will reflect that back to you in a beautiful, gentle way). Why horse whispering? Because it’s the fastest way I know for a woman to integrate herself— intellect, body, and spirit— and tap into her own leadership potential. Working with horses is also quite simply a magical experience of wordless communication that reveals some of the patterns in yourself you can’t possibly see on your own. In two days of horse whispering we can shift years of unconscious patterning and dramatically shift the way you interact with colleagues, family members, your spouse and children, and yourself. It’s particularly helpful for those who manage others (that’s you, boss) because it shows us ways we are unintentionally creating resistance and helps us feel– not just theoretically but in our bodies– what grounded, calm, loving and assertive leadership feel like.

the boss

Level two

sold out

sold out

Investment: $75,000 USD

5 crisis cards. Something big goes down, you text me, we hop on the phone ASAP for a mini-session to get you CLEAR!

Up to 3 coaching calls a month. (ie 36 calls over the year).

3 private retreats to FILL YOU UP. Bring a friend if you’d like, come alone, either way I’ll create a space for you to nourish yourself, refuel, and get clear before you dive back in. All details of these retreats will be custom-designed according to what will ACTUALLY fill you up most (yoga at dawn? whiskey at midnight? yurt or villa? ocean or desert?) and all accommodations, meals, and activities are included. You simply cover your travel to the destination we decide on, and we’ll handle everything else.

This package includes everything listed above, plus:

This level is for the woman who is so busy running her empire that what she needs more than anything is someone to MAKE her take time out so she can step out of the everyday stuff and swoop up to look at the big picture. Oh, and also take care of your body, spirit, and soul so that you can keep functioning at the exceptionally high level required of you. Odds of you making this happen on your own: almost nil.

This one’s for you, beloved powerhouse.

You tell me the dates, you show up at the airport, and we’ll take care of the rest. Three custom-designed mini-retreats just for you, me, and a friend if you’d like. In other words— it’s enforced DOWNTIME + REST + FILLING UP + Looking At The Big Picture time. All accommodations, meals, etc are included. You just get yourself there.

At least ONE of these retreats will include horse whispering. One of them will include a personal style day: shopping, styling, and photos. Bonus: 1 pair of the most fabulous shoes, on me.

the empire

Level three

Listen up, dearheart.

It’s going to keep getting bigger and more interesting— and so will you. In fact, you’ll get so big and mighty, you’ll be a fucking cathedral. You won’t believe what you can create when you step up and give yourself the support you need for this extraordinary life.

You can HANDLE your life.

Watch your email– I’ll be in touch within 2 days to discuss next steps. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll book a private no-obligation consult call to talk through what you want to create and decide which level of support is right for you. We’ll make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit, and you’ll have a chance to ask me ALL your questions.

After checking in with yourself, if it’s a HELL YES, we’ll make it official! I’ll walk you through the exact steps to get started and schedule your sessions– and then I’m IN YOUR CORNER, dearheart.

Still have questions? Email me directly.

step 2:

step 3:

Click here to apply and fill out the coaching application so I can learn about you and make sure we’re a good fit. NO ONE will see this but me, so go ahead and tell me All The Things.

step 1:

I write things for women with big, gorgeous, COMPLICATED lives. I help women become epic fucking badasses… but I still retain my right to cry at every diaper commercial ever made.

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