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Hi,I'm Katherine.

Queer feminist. Mother of five. Heathen mystic.
Cries at diaper commercials.
Okay, cries at ALL commercials.

I feel like I have a sacred obligation to help other people who are having a hard time find their way to joy too.

Katherine North is a writer, coach, and mother of five. She helps fierce, secretly tender women declare dominion over their own lives-- because life is messy but we can make it gorgeous anyway. 

She's the author of a personal memoir about growing up evangelical and ending up a heathen mystic. 

Her private clients are ambitious, successful women who are way too smart for most of the self-help aisle– but they secretly yearn for terribly mortifying things like more magic, more peace, and a fairy godmother.

More than 3,000 women have used her Queen Sweep program to clear clutter and make beauty, Practical Magic for Secret Mystics is about energetic boundaries, and she writes a secret blog with secret poems called RichJuicyStarryBeauty.

Katherine is the founder of The Birth Story Project and co-director of an award-winning documentary about her own family,  Just Another Beautiful Family. She also wrote a book for parents and kids confronted by terrible news about Santa. Katherine lives on Salt Spring Island off the coast of Canada with her husband Nick North, five kids, and many chickens. 

The official fancy bio

It's all true.


But I believe in your capacity for transformation. The fierce wisdom of your body. The accuracy of your spidey senses. Your ability to heal.

I do believe in magic though – deep magic.


To that end, I’ve spent the last decade of my life making things to help you be fierce enough to transform the world with your spirit and leadership.

My secret mission is a global takeover by the wise women.

In fact, here’s a secret: I find most of the self-help world unbearably shallow and stupid.

I don’t believe in affirmations, the law of attraction, or manifesting.


You see, one day I realized that I’d always had “tell me your secrets” tattooed on my forehead in invisible ink anyway and hell, maybe it was time to go pro. My clients report profanity but also a strange kind of magic.

This is commonly known as life coaching


I spend my days talking to people about the most intense, wonderful, and terrible parts of their lives, and when we’re done talking they almost always feel better.




real scoop

Here's the


My favorite champagne is Veuve Clicquot.

I remember my past lives..

I like to swear A LOT.

Swearing is basically my religion. Swearing, and flowers. And trees. Oh and motherhood. And the ocean. And beautiful shoes. And a clean house. And flowers on my table and book club and orgasms and budgets and and and— well. It’s sort of a Renaissance religion.

I very much want to dance naked under the moon with wolves, but the opportunity has yet to present itself.

I remember my past lives. Lots of them. But I will still TOTALLY mock you for carrying around crystals. I might be the only life coach on the planet who doesn’t believe in the Law of Attraction. But I believe you are magical as all fuck, and I will help you remember it too.

Some Backstory 

I grew up in Japan, because my parents were evangelical missionaries. Unfortunately, I had a sneaking suspicion that I wasn't one Jesus's little lambs. (Spoiler: I wasn't.)

There was the desperate attempt to be good, which turned me into a virgin bride. Who got suicidal. And then got free...but burned a lot of things down in the process. There was life with the Chicago beatniks and gin and therapy, there was the season of the theater, there was Tokyo and parties, high heels and conference rooms, there was an abortion and an epiphany and an earthquake. 

There was a suitcase packed, a little girl's hand in mine, and blooming in green Portland as a happy solo mom. There was a cherry red car. A diamond ring. A memoir. And then-- shockingly-- love.  

Love came with four more kids, an exile in the prairie suburbs, and a minivan. It also came with my beloved soulmate Nick North, and discovering that I was now someone who would use a word like "soulmate."

We embarked on unknown territory and deep healing together as he accepted and shared with the world his true identity as a transgender man. 

There was a surgery that went sideways, a documentary, a dark night of the soul. There were diapers and Halloween costumes and immigration paperwork.

There was a dream-- that became a plan-- but was also a miracle-- and it landed us here, where we are now, on Salt Spring Island. 

Now there are trees, and ocean, and a Secret Project that's coming out in April. There is a house falling down faster than we can patch it back up. There is a beautiful blended family flourishing and thriving, and my own roots sinking down deep, and poems coming through. There are also many, many chickens. 

Look, a lot has happened. Stick around.

You're going to want to hear the stories.

Interested in working together? Drop me a line.
I’ll tell you where you should start.


I was exceedingly unhappy for a really long time. I came close to ending my life in my twenties. But I’ve been really fucking full of joy for almost two decades now, and I don’t take this lightly. I feel like I have a sacred obligation to help other people who are having a hard time find their way to joy too. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do, except maybe write books. 

I am an ADHD INFP Quick-Start Fact-Finder right-brain dreamer. I walk into rooms and can’t remember why I’m there. I like to start things but finishing them is much harder. When I was a corporate consultant, I would forget every statistic and bit of client data but I could read the room and decipher the subtext like a motherfucker.

I will probably forget your boss’s name and the ages of your kids. But I’ll never forget your story. And your secrets are safe with me.

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I write things for women with big, gorgeous, COMPLICATED lives. I help women become epic fucking badasses… but I still retain my right to cry at every diaper commercial ever made.

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