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in the humble details of our lives awaits

queen sweep your physical world, and watch everything else start to change. 



something like magic

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Imagine if your home was a refuge, a place that nourished you and recharged you. If your closet was full of clothes to help you be your most effortless, powerful self. If you always knew where your finances were at so you could spend joyously, save wisely, and give to the causes that truly matter to you. If you worked hard and deep, with clear priorities and a straightforward list. If you could get ahead of things so they didn't turn into crises. If you knew exactly what you really wanted to get done this day, month, year. If you knew how to prioritize THOSE things. If you could truly unplug and sink deeply into pure time with the people you loved. If you took breaks, vacations, and lazy weekends without guilt or panic.

Just imagine it. What if life could be that functional but also deep and wild and rich and beautiful? 

what if your physical world supported your deepest gifts?

This is not too much to hope for.

A beautiful home that feels like a refuge.

Finances that hum and whirr effortlessly.

Clothes that tell the world you’re a badass.

Knowing you use your time purposefully, with intention & focus.

Forward momentum toward your true potential.

Energy to invest in what really MATTERS. 

no shame. no one teaches us how to create a life we're proud of:



it's silly to think this should all just happen automatically! but you can create it, step by step.

I was an overwhelmed mom of 3, drowning in the labor and clutter of managing a young family. Katherine helped me by breaking down my endless to do list, and now I feel like I am in charge of my life instead of it being in charge of me. I also gained a wonderful community of kindred spirits... lifelong friendships that I truly cherish.

— andrea

I'm in charge of my life instead of it being in charge of me.

The Queen Sweep Masterclass

When you take charge of your domain, you unleash BIG amounts of energy, clarity, and focus. Declaring dominion over your physical world is a key foundation to being the woman you know you can be.

how to create a beautiful life:

Mastering the Art of Making Your Home Beautiful

My Proven 9-Week Program:

Mastering the Art of Keeping Your Home Beautiful












Mastering the Art of Dressing Like You


Mastering the Art of To-Do Lists


Mastering the Art of Taming the Paper Tiger


Mastering the Art of Rest, Integration, & Guilt-Free Play


Mastering the Art of Financial Ease


Mastering the Art of Financial Expansion


Mastering the Art of Doing What is Truly Important


how it works

On Monday of each week you’ll get a “Broom” with that week’s key task. Read it or listen to the audio, and then put it into action.

weekly broom

Each Thursday we’ll gather on a group call to keep you motivated and clear. Join live or listen to the recording.

weekly call

You'll tackle gnarly spots in our two Saturday Deep Sweeps. Between calls & Sweeps, we stay motivated in our private community. 

deep sweeps + community

Clutter saps your energy, sucks your life force, and makes even small tasks feel impossibly hard.  When you start to clear space and bring beauty into your space, you'll feel better immediately. Now imagine if you also clear out financial, mental, AND physical clutter... how much ENERGY you'll have. 

I am certain that you are working TOO hard. I'll show you how to set up systems that do the work FOR you. You set them up once, and they keep working while you do much more interesting things. 

the magic of the queen sweep

Sweep it out

Elegant Systems

to begin, you:

then, you set up:

Your kids will keep making messes. The table will get dirty again. But that isn't the end of the world... as long as you know how to make it beautiful and KEEP it beautiful, quickly and easily. (And yes we DO address delegation, mental load, & gender roles!) When you're in your power and on top of things, you'll set better boundaries, say yes less often, and have more energy for the things you love. 

Life is messy.

simple fact:

When you're on your own, it's too easy to end up doomscrolling instead of making art, making love, or typing up that good idea you had last week. Our facebook community is warm, funny, and galvanizing. And wait 'til you hear the magic of "wee brags!"

Loveliest community

with momentum from the:

why does it work?


Because our outer world is a mirror of our inner world.

And when you change one, you change the other. 

Clutter, a missed deadline, lost keys -- these small details of life add up. 

It’s a lifestyle makeover that starts with the most humble details of life: clearing off counters, purging closets, setting up automatic billpay, filing papers—and can kick off an extraordinary transformation.

So what is the QueenSweep?

The good news?

When you change the small details, 
you start to change everything.

designed for your busy life

tiered plans meet you where you are

the kindest community you've ever met

sustainable but transformative



See the difference

Photographer, Author, Warrior Mom

— Suzy Clement —

"Before it started, I was sitting in my living room thinking, "I can't deal with cleaning up my living room." And then within a year and a half, I had refinanced my house."

"This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!"

- Jessa

six figures


less clutter,
more beauty.

- soI know it’s possible.

I’ve helped thousands of women make massive changes in their lives.

Writer, Queen Sweeper for Life

Anne DeMarsay

"I've participated in the Queen Sweep a number of times. I'm happy to see that the habits and systems I set up in my first few turns up the spiral are intact, and I've been able to continue building on them, even during an over-busy season."

"even during an over-busy season"

Teacher, Mother of Two, Queen Sweeper for Life

Melissa Boehman

"The Queen Sweep made my life and home environment so beautiful that my soul continues to feel like it has a cozy home here on earth."

"my soul has a cozy home here on earth."

Author of Own It All; Founder of Barre and Soul

Andrea Isabelle Lucas

"I’ve learned so much about the importance of surrounding myself and filling my space and calendar with what I really want! I loved exploring bringing order and beauty into the various areas of my life."

"The Queen Sweep was so amazingly eye-opening!"

hear their stories:

Go to bed PROUD of what you accomplished that day.

Rest, relax, and take down time without feeling guilty or panicked.

Get dressed from a closet filled with clothes you love and actually wear.

Handle your finances like a boss; no more silly late fees or sheepish murkiness.

Look around at beautiful, peaceful spaces that nurture and inspire you.

Do the work that matters most instead of just getting through the days.

At the end of 9 weeks, you will:



Social Media Manager, Warrior Mom, Queen Sweeper for Life

— Sasha —

"For me, this was the boost, this was the permission, this was the community, this was the camaraderie. It made a huge difference for me in the way I saw my life, the way I lived my life, and the way I moved through the world, with what some people might think are little things that added up to a lot of really BIG things."

Do it. Just do it.

Social Media Manager, Warrior Mom, Queen Sweeper for Life


"For me, this was the boost, this was the permission, this was the community, this was the camaraderie. It made a huge difference for me in the way I saw my life, the way I lived my life, and the way I moved through the world, with what some people might think are little things that added up to a lot of really BIG things."



Do it. Just do it.

Social Media Manager, Warrior Mom, Queen Sweeper for Life

— another name —

"For me, this was the boost, this was the permission, this was the community, this was the camaraderie. It made a huge difference for me in the way I saw my life, the way I lived my life, and the way I moved through the world, with what some people might think are little things that added up to a lot of really BIG things."



Do it. Just do it.

master coach and dreamer, mother of five and creator of The Queen Sweep.

I'm your classic right-brain artistic flake. 

I have lots of ideas but have a hard time finishing anything. 

For years, I rushed around, exhausted and embarrassed and scattered. 

Worst of all, even with all the frantic effort, I felt like I was missing out on what mattered the most.

I tried ALL the organizing systems, books, and methods out there— but none of them worked long-term in my actual busy life. They seemed to be written by people with full-time staffs, nannies, and a doting wife.

So I finally MADE UP my own set of powerful but simple systems that made life orderly and beautiful.

They worked for me as a full-time working mom in a tiny apartment in Tokyo, helped me start a successful business as a solo mom in Portland, and they worked like a dream when I started my new life as a mother to five in the suburbs of Calgary.

This past year, when we moved to an island, renovated a fixer-upper, and shot a TV show, they LITERALLY KEPT US ALIVE. 

In the past few years I've published two books, made a documentary and a TV show, and I'm currently writing a book of poems. Every bit of creative work I do in the world springs out of the foundation of a life that runs smoothly. 

I'm Katherine,

This is where we live. Let's start here.

I have big things I want to do in this world.

I care about justice and the environment and I have art I want to make. But I also have all these kids and they want to be fed every SINGLE day, plus paperwork and bills and appointments. Truthfully, I find the physical world difficult, and relentless, and sticky.

But it's also full of beauty.

And it's where I live. It's where all my big work begins.

So let me honor that and make it beautiful.

also... if this right-brain-ADD-creative-dreamer-with-five-kids can do it, so can you.

All my big work starts whereI live.

This program is like nothing else out there, because...

i live in the real world just like you.

I don’t live in an ivory tower or TV studio, I live in a falling-down fixer upper in the middle of the woods. 

(In fact, when we shot a TV show here last year, not only was there no hair or makeup... I was cleanup and catering.) 

I have five kids, a husband, a minivan, and a thriving business. I have creative dreams and aspirations and lots and lots of laundry.

Life is complicated and it gets messy. But it’s also beautiful. This stuff works in REAL life.

This doesn’t come naturally to me!

I am by nature the world's LEAST organized human. And yet life? She RUNS.

That's important because most organizing systems are created by people who are just naturally on top of their shit. My system is the opposite; it's created for, and by, someone who needed to learn all of this step by step. 

That means I can TEACH it to you, and these systems work for ORDINARY and OVERWHELMED people who aren’t naturally organized.

this isn't just a one-time cleanout.

With all due respect to the many worthy methods out there, from KonMari-ing to the Home Edit to every home makeover show in the world... 

None of that matters if you can't keep it GOING. 

In the Queen Sweep, you aren’t just doing a one-time clean-out. You’re setting up habits and systems you can use THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to keep things humming along smoothly.

I've used them as a corporate consultant in Tokyo, as a solo parent solopreneur in Portland, when I became a mother to five and lived in a big house in the suburbs, and they are the only reason I've been able to write books and make a documentary and a TV show and keep my family alive. 

You'll do less, but get more done. (We call this "wearing your crown.") 

you don't have to do it alone.

These systems are tried and true.

But they don't just work for me. When you join the Queen Sweep, you'll have a community of kindred spirits who GET it, and who are committed and motivated and in it together.

They are therapists, executives, teachers, retired folk, creatives, full-time parents, artists, business owners, software engineers-- all kindred spirits who are super smart but struggle with running their worlds. They GET it. 

Our facebook group has been called "the kindest place on the internet" and many royals have found friends for life. It's incredible to realize you're not the only one, and see how much is possible.  

"In the Queen Sweep Master Class, I’ve learned that beauty is my motivator. If I need to declutter or clean something, I need to start with beauty. It powers my engine."

— Wende Garrison —

Queen Sweeper for Life

Beauty powers my engine...

beauty is not frivolous.
it's a sacred, regenerative energy.

You are allowed to dwell in beauty. Whether you live in a tiny studio or a sprawling mansion, you’re allowed to live a life that feels beautiful. This isn’t silly or frivolous; it’s making the most of this one life we have. And when you dwell in beauty, you start to act like a royal badass of valor and glory. You'll accomplish more, make a bigger impact, and be more deeply aware of the sheer miracle of this one wild and precious life.You won’t believe how big and meaningful your life can become when you saturate it with beauty.

You have amazing ideas, but the details and follow-through…..YIKES 

Your front room is immaculate but your bedroom is a nightmare

You love your creativity, but you hate feeling so scattered

The pressure is mounting and you’re doing it all yourself 

You’re missing deadlines, forms, appointments, and birthdays

You’re working SO hard but it’s all thankless and joyless 

You’re really freaking brilliant, so why can’t you find your keys?

Everyone thinks you have it alllll together but you’re exhausted

Your dining room table is piled with papers

It does all get done, yes….but you feel like crying every night 

You love beauty, but your house is cluttered and overwhelming

You’re one dropped ball away from total disaster 

But it’s            for you if...

This      for you if:


I've got you.



Students who have taken this course


Number of times I cry at their stories each year


Who've gone on to join our secret society just for alum


Estimate of how much money they've saved

I’m a parent. I run a business. We’ve got five kids. Life can be overwhelming sometimes.

But it’s also full of beauty and laughter and peace. Our counters are clear when we go to bed and there are always fresh flowers on the table. Bills get paid, forms get sent to school, and we all thrive on a budget.

That kind of orderly foundation is what lets me do my big work in the world: writing, coaching, making art.

All these photos were taken in my 1,500-sq-feet house. That's on purpose, because I'm not promising you staged Instagram perfection; I'm talking about a life that RUNS, one full of mess but also beauty and depth and meaning. 

It’s not a miracle, it’s a few powerful systems. If they work for me, I swear they’ll help you too.

Believe me, I know you don’t need MORE to do.

For real.

My guarantee:
You have nothing to lose.

I know this process works, and I stand by this program 100%. If you do the work, participate in the community, and still aren’t getting the results you wanted, let me know within 3 weeks and I’ll refund your tuition, hassle-free.

money back 


I live in [this amazing country], can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! You can join us from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't join the calls live, will it still be worth it?

Absolutely. You can still submit your question ahead of time, and I'll answer it-- then you can listen to the recording whenever you like. 

Is this program open only to women?

ANYONE is welcome to join. But I speak primarily TO women, FROM a woman, so you will encounter phrases like, "As women, sometimes we learned..." If you're okay with that, we'd love for you to join us!

Isn't it un-feminist that women still carry the domestic load?

HELL YES IT IS. I can't fix how we got here, but I can help us take it forward differently. Like it or not, many women currently carry the mental load of running their households. The best way to get ready to have clear conversations, delegate, and make that more equitable is to get on top of that world with this program. There's even a bonus class on this exact topic. 

How much time will this take?

It will take 10 - 30 minutes each week to read or listen to the broom, then another 30 minutes to do the basic assignment. Naturally, more time invested will yield more dramatic results. BUT the program is carefully structured so that even if you do just that one thing, you'll see massive, sustainable changes over time. In addition to the weekly brooms and the daily habits (just ten minutes!) we do two weekend Deep Sweeps of three hours each.

Do I have to be on Facebook?

No, but without that support and momentum and camaraderie of our group, you'll miss some of the ENERGY of this program. Some of our members create an alias just to join our private FB group, but the choice is up to you. 


Let's Do This Thing!

This course should help you save more than the cost of the program– within just a few months. To help that process along, I’ve created a comprehensive checklist of all the places you might be losing money without even knowing it. This checklist alone could help you make back more than you invest in this course!

Stop The Money Leaks:
a money-finding checklist

Free guide

Stop The Money Leaks!


send me an email

I get it! Talk to me. I'm a real person, and I care about the people who take my programs. Tell me your concerns and I'll tell you honestly whether I think this is right for you.

Not sure?