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A 9-week lifestyle makeover to make your whole life more beautiful.

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Imagine coming home and being wrapped in comfort.

A jar of daffodils greets you, the quickest flash of cheerful gold.

Beloved art glows; a cozy chair beckons; the sturdy desk awaits your next project.

The cupboards are full, the counters are gleaming. A glass of wine? Maybe slip into something more comfortable.

You go stand in front of your closet. A silk dress asks you to dinner, a pair of heels winks and suggests dancing. Your badass work self is in there too, the confident outfits that demand respect with wit and style.

But tonight, sweet cashmere and soft cotton whisper of rest, quiet, and home.

You glance at your desk as you pad barefoot through the peaceful rooms. Papers filed, your inbox clear. You know exactly what you’ll tackle first tomorrow.

You check your calendar one last time. You’re tired, but satisfied. You’re done for the day. Now it’s time to give yourself over to the bliss of your home, the bliss of family chaos, the bliss of a life vivid and savored.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

Less clutter. More beauty.

The life you long for is not a fantasy.


You can create it.

I’m not talking about staged, airbrushed, magazine-and-Instagram perfection.

I’m talking about a life you’re PROUD of.

A home that feels like a REFUGE.

Clothes that tell the world you’re a BADASS.

Total clarity about what gets your attention and FOCUS.

Downtime, rest, and replenishing without GUILT.

Finances that hum and whirr EFFORTLESSLY.

Forward momentum toward your true DREAMS.

The secret to all those things?

You deciding to step up as the queen of your domain. 


So what is the Queen Sweep?

It’s a lifestyle makeover that starts with the most humble details of life: clearing off counters, purging closets, setting up automatic billpay, filing papers—and can kick off an extraordinary transformation.


When you don’t run your queendom, it WILL run you.

You’ll rush from crisis to crisis.

Your to-do list is never-ending.

Your calendar makes you want to cry.

You’re embarrassed when people drop by.

You don’t feel like the best version of yourself: your clothes tug and pinch, you feel frazzled and shabby, and you’re mortified to have to admit that you can’t find that crucial form for the school…again. 

These small details of life? They add up.


The good news? When you change the small details, 

you start to change everything.


"Before it started, I was sitting in my living room thinking, "I can't deal with cleaning up my living room." And then within a year and a half, I had refinanced my house."

Suzy Clement

Photographer, author, warrior mom

I’m Katherine, master coach and dreamer, mother of five and creator of The Queen Sweep.

There was a time in my life where life was a tornado, and I was just being dragged along for the ride. I was a slave to my calendar, papers piled up, I rushed from one thing to the next, and my To-Do list made me want to cry.

Worst of all, even with all the frantic effort, I felt like I was missing out on what mattered the most.

I tried ALL the organizing systems, books, and methods out there— but none of them worked long-term in my actual busy life. They seemed to be written by people with full-time staffs, nannies, and a doting wife.

Also, my brain is like a disco ball– shiny objects! new ideas! pretty things! ding ding ding! –and all those systems were so hard. And so boring. And so tedious. 

So I finally MADE UP my own set of powerful but simple systems that made life orderly and beautiful.

They worked for me as a full-time working mom in a tiny apartment in Tokyo, helped me start a successful business as a 24×7 single mom in Portland, and they still keep things sane and even beautiful in my new life as a mother to five in the suburbs of Calgary.

I will show you how to focus on a FEW key things that will help you take charge of your world so that your papers are filed, your counters are clean, and you never pay a late fee again. You’ll clean out your closet and get your calendar and To-Do list running smoothly.

I’ve helped thousands of women make massive changes in their lives by starting with cleaning up the clutter in their homes, wallets, closets— so I KNOW it’s possible.

When they cleared out the clutter, they unleashed BIG amounts of energy, clarity, and focus. You simply show up clearer, stronger, and more confidently when your life is in order. When you declare dominion over your physical world, you take a powerful step toward being the woman you know you can be.

And I promise, if this right-brain-ADD-creative-dreamer-with-five-kids can do it, so can you!


It’s easier than you think.

Sweep out what isn’t working

Beauty can’t bloom until you clear out the mental and physical clutter that’s sucking your energy and fragmenting your attention.

Set up new, elegant systems

You’ll tackle a specific area of your life week by week, setting up new systems and habits to make life just GO.

Less clutter, more beauty.

You won’t believe how much energy and momentum you’ll unleash when you declare dominion over your world!

The clock is ticking! Doors close in:








The Queen Sweep Master Class runs from May 18th through July 16th, 2020.

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"The Queen Sweep was so amazingly eye-opening! I’ve learned so much about the importance of surrounding myself and filling my space and calendar with what I really want! I loved exploring bringing order and beauty into the various areas of my life."

Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Author of Own It All; Founder of Barre and Soul

How it Works

Weekly Broom

On Monday of each week you’ll get a “Broom” with that week’s key task. Read it or listen to the audio, and then put it into action.

Group Coaching

Each Thursday we’ll gather on a group call to keep you motivated and clear. Bring all your questions and have them answered live.

Deep Sweeps

We’ll do two Saturday Deep Sweeps, where we work on a tough project individually but together. We post ‘before’ pictures, set a timer, work like crazy, and then celebrate!

Community Support

In between, we’ll stay fired up in our secret Facebook group, where you can support and be supported by your fellow Queens.

My Proven 9-Week Program:

Week 1 | Mastering the Art of Making Your Home Beautiful

Week 2 | Mastering the Art of Keeping Your Home Beautiful

Week 3 | Mastering the Art of Dressing Like You

Week 4 | Mastering the Art of To-Do Lists

Week 5 | Mastering the Art of Taming the Paper Tiger

Week 6 | Mastering the Art of Rest, Integration, & Guilt-Free Play

Week 7 | Mastering the Art of Financial Ease

Week 8 | Mastering the Art of Financial Expansion

Week 9 | Mastering the Art of Doing What is Truly Important

"The Queen Sweep made my life and home environment so beautiful that my soul continues to feel like it has a cozy home here on earth."

Melissa Boehman

Teacher, Mother of two, Queen Sweeper for life

This is for you if….

  • You’re really freaking brilliant, so why can’t you find your keys?
  • Your dining room table is piled with papers
  • You love beauty, but your house is cluttered and overwhelming
  • You have amazing ideas, but the details and follow-through…..YIKES 
  • You love your creativity, but you hate feeling so scattered
  • You’re missing deadlines, forms, appointments, and birthdays


BUT it’s also for you if….

  • Everyone thinks you have it alllll together but you’re exhausted
  • It does all get done, yes….but you feel like crying every night 
  • You’re one dropped ball away from total disaster 
  • Your front room is immaculate but your bedroom is a nightmare
  • The pressure is mounting and you’re doing it all yourself 
  • You’re working SO hard but it’s all thankless and joyless 

Get your queendom in order so you can live the big, beautiful, badass life you know you’re meant for.

At the end of 9 weeks, you will:

  • Go to bed PROUD of what you accomplished that day.
  • Rest, relax, and take downtown without feeling guilty or panicked.
  • Get dressed from a killer closet filled with clothes you love and actually wear.
  • Know that you can deal with everything your life throws at you.
  • Have a To-Do list that’s actually in line with your true values.
  • Handle your finances like a boss; no more silly late fees or sheepish murkiness.
  • Look around at beautiful, peaceful spaces that nurture and inspire you.
  • Have a streamlined filing system & know how to handle every bit of paper.
  • Go to bed with clean counters, a clear desk, and a plan for tomorrow.
  • Never miss an appointment again and stop running yourself ragged.
  • Be in control of your life and family– instead of a slave to it.
  • Have repeatable systems and tools you’ll use the rest of your life.
  • Do the work that matters most instead of just getting through the days.
  • Have time to nurture your relationships and be awake for your own precious life.


You’ll do less, and get more done.

You’ll work hard at the things that matter, instead of busywork. 

You’ll show up like your smartest, most confident, most gracious, most capable (and gorgeous) self. 

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What makes this different from other organizational systems?

I live in the real world just like you. I don’t live in an ivory tower or TV studio.

I have five kids, a husband, a minivan, and a business. Life is complicated. But it’s also beautiful. This stuff works in REAL life.

This doesn’t come naturally to me! That means these systems work for ORDINARY people who aren’t naturally organized.

You don’t have to do it on your own– you have a community of kindred spirits who GET it, and who are committed and motivated and in it together.

You aren’t just doing a one-time clean-out: you’re learning habits and systems you can use THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to keep things humming along smoothly.

The Queen Sweep is where you create the big, gorgeous life you know you’re meant to live.

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"I've participated in the Queen Sweep a number of times. I'm happy to see that the habits and systems I set up in my first few turns up the spiral are intact, and I've been able to continue building on them, even during an over-busy season."

Anne DeMarsay

Queen Sweeper for life

Squirmy question:

What is overwhelm truly COSTING you?


Your Sundays.

Your peace of mind.

A rich sense of being alive and fully PRESENT for it all.

I bet it’s cost you money, too: missed bills, late fees, business expenses never reimbursed or claimed, duplicate purchases, lost checks (one woman found a check for $12,000 during one of our Deep Sweep days, and I am NOT making that up!), expired gift cards, missed investment opportunities.

It might have cost you in your career: missed deadlines, resentment, lost promotions, exhaustion, overwhelm, not doing your best work, moments not seized.

It might have cost you in your relationships: frayed communications, cancellations, forgotten birthdays, and a constant distracted sense that you’re always behind and there’s never time to just BE together.

It might even be costing you your health: constant stress and anxiety are impossibly hard on your sweet tender body.

What’s your energy worth? What could you accomplish if you gathered your powers and focused them with a mighty momentum? What could you get done if you were ruling your world like a badass royal of valor and glory? 


"Do it. Just do it. ....For me, this was the boost, this was the permission, this was the community, this was the camaraderie. ....It made a huge difference for me in the way I saw my life, the way I lived my life, and the way I moved through the world, with what some people might think are little things that added up to a lot of really BIG things."


Social media manager, warrior mom, Queen Sweeper for life

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Includes: packing lists, grocery lists, what’s in the little emergency kit I keep in my purse, actual scripts I use to graciously say “no thank you” to requests and invitations, and more!

Bonus # 2

How to get your partner and kids on board


A new, exclusive class with my husband Nick and moi. This is where we dish on the nitty-gritty of how we make it allllll work: life, chores, household, kids, pets, dishes, and love.

Intimate and honest, we open the door on our real life and share the tools and strategies we us in our own real, messy, complicated life, so that you can use them right away in your own! 

Bonus #3

Stop The Money Leaks!

The ultimate money-finding checklist


Most people who take this course say that it helps them save more than the cost of the program– within just a few months. To help that process along, I’ve created a comprehensive checklist of all the places you might be losing money without even knowing it.

This checklist alone could help you make back more than you invest in this course!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg– when you manage your money like a queen, you’ll be amazed how much more of it you have.  

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Don’t take it from me.

Listen to their Queen Sweep stories…

"In the Queen Sweep Master Class, I’ve learned that beauty is my motivator. If I need to declutter or clean something, I need to start with beauty. It powers my engine."

Wende Garrison

Queen Sweeper for life

A final note from me~

Look, sweet pea, this isn’t theoretical; this is how I run my LIFE.

Believe me, I know you don’t need MORE to do. I’m a parent. I run a business. We’ve got two in diapers. Life can be crazy sometimes.

But it’s also full of beauty and laughter and peace. Our counters are clear when we go to bed and there are always fresh flowers on the table. Bills get paid, forms get sent to school, and we all thrive on a budget.

That kind of orderly foundation is what lets me do my big work in the world: writing, coaching, creating.

This sometimes seems like a miracle to me, because I literally do not have one organized bone in my body (my darling husband will confirm this).

How do I do it? Please let me show you. It’s not a miracle, it’s a few powerful systems. If they work for me, I swear they’ll help you too.

Questions? Wondering if this is right for you? Shoot me a direct email, and I’ll get back to you personally.

Much love,

P.S. Wondering why I call myself a different name in those videos? Because I changed it! At 41. Because that is what a queen can do.

P.S. You are allowed to dwell in beauty. Whether you live in a tiny studio or a sprawling mansion, you’re allowed to live a life that feels beautiful. This isn’t silly or frivolous; it’s making the most of this one life we have. And when you dwell in beauty, you start to act like a royal badass of valor and glory. You won’t believe how good life can become. 

My guarantee: You have nothing to lose.

I know this process works, and I stand by this program 100%. If you do the work, participate in the community, and still aren’t getting the results you wanted, let me know within 3 weeks and I’ll refund your tuition, hassle-free.