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One Week To Less Overwhelm

7 days to make your life + home feel less overwhelming

Set it up so it supports not drains you

I'll help you: 

Find the most powerful spot in your home

Clear it, optimize it, and beautify it

In 15 minutes a day. Swear.

APRIL 8 - 14, 2024

Small, tangible actions.
A breath of fresh air.
A dose of beauty. 

Wherever you live, whatever season of life you’re in, join us virtually for one week of easy, galvanizing shifts. 

Hi, I'm Katherine!

I'm the creator The Queen Sweep, the life-changing program that has helped thousands of women around the world clear their clutter and find their power.

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Katherine North

Katherine is mother to five, a queer feminist, runs a thriving boutique executive coaching business, and is the author of 3 books. Along with her husband, Katherine produced and directed an award-winning documentary and moved their family to an island off the coast of Canada and bought a fixer-upper…then filmed a TV show about it. A naturally absentminded professor type and your classic creative flake, she credits The Queen Sweep tools with her ability to get anything (but especially those things) done at all. 

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Yes! This free minicourse is open to everyone. I created this material from my experience as a woman, for other women, so I use the assumptive pronoun “she” and assume a lived experience as a woman. However, much of this material will be useful to anyone, and everyone is absolutely welcome to join. 

Can people of any gender join? 

At the end of this one-week refresh, I will indeed tell you about my incredible 9-week program, The Queen Sweep. But whether you join that or not, this free spring refresh will give you a serious burst of springtime momentum. My goal is that your life and space will feel more beautiful, expansive, and galvanizing and you’ll have a new respect for your own ability to shift things in small, sustainable ways. 

Are you going to sell me something? 

Me too. That's why I made this one. Many of us in this community have sparklebrains of one sort or another. It doesn't hurt to try; if you don't like the emails, you can easily unsubscribe.  

What if I am creative/disorganized/ superbusy/neurodivergent and most organizing approaches don’t work for me? 

Of course! Just send them to this page to register so they’ll get the emails too. 

Can I share it with a friend? 

No, this one-week refresh is entirely free. 

Do I need a credit card? 

Yes! Each day’s content is sent out by email. You’re welcome to join me live on Instagram each day for accountability and encouragement, but you can also do each day’s challenge on your own. 

Can I join from anywhere? 


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One Week To Less Overwhelm

APRIL 8 - 14, 2024