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Do one tiny thing every day in February to feel better

and make the world a better place.

Hi, I’m Anna Kunnecke.

I’ve always had a hard time with February.  All my innate melancholia + the weather + the saccharine of Valentine’s did a NUMBER on me.

So the past few years, I’ve deliberately CONSPIRED to make it the best month of the year. I used it as a bliss-filled recharge spot between the holidays and spring. It was AMAZING.

But this year, February is even harder than usual. (cough cough he who shall not be named)

So I’m conspiring again.  

I want to help the changemakers generate good powerful loving BADA$$ energy in themselves.

Then we’ll spray that sh!t all over the world. 

We get strong and radiant by conspiring on behalf of bliss…  

…for ourselves, for our families, for the whole world. 

Sign up and conspire with me— it’s free! 

Wait, what is it? 

A free 28-day email series to help you do one tiny thing every day to get happier, stronger, healthier, fiercer, kinder— and to bring that good energy out into the world. 

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Anna Kunnecke is a master coach for women who have big complicated messy lives and are committed to making them GORGEOUS anyway. She’s the mother of five, a queer feminist, and a heathen mystic. She reads {all the} books and cries at {way too many} commercials.