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I’ve got five kids, I’m a queer feminist, and I just might be the only life coach in the world who doesn’t believe in the Law of Attraction.

EFBA Toolkit

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Take charge of your life RIGHT NOW.

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the biggest, fiercest, kindest version of you.

You’re fully present, fully alive. It’s your life, and you’re IN.

You are a beacon of fierce kindness.

You work hard, and you rest deep.

You laugh out loud with sheer joy WAY more than is seemly.

You say no without guilt.

You say yes with glee.

You know that you are making a difference in this world.

Things are busy…but you radically savor the delicious moments of your life.

You’ve got big dreams and you’re moving toward them.

You have this quiet inner strength.

And whatever comes your way, you handle it like an epic fucking badass.

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Let me guess.


YOU ARE HEARTBROKEN AT THIS ELECTION. (but you won’t give up.)

YOU DON’T TAKE SHIT FROM ANYONE. (but you’re scared now.)

YOU ARE INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. (so why does your voice tremble?)

YOU ARE THE BOSS IN YOUR LIFE. (but you’re drowning a little because boss does everything.)

YOU GET SHIT DONE. (while your secret hopes and dreams languish.)

YOU ARE READY TO BE THE CHANGE. (but what does that even mean?)

YOU HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL. (truth. truth.truth.)

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You’re an epic fucking badass in the making. You are so strong, so resilient, so persistent. You have already overcome so much. And yet…

Sometimes you feel like no one sees who you really are. You have muscles that have lain dormant. A voice you haven’t used. A soul that yearns to shine more brightly.

You are SO CLOSE to being the EFBA you want to be.

No one pulled you out of the crowd. No silver spoon or trust fund. No one handed you a secret crystal. No writing in the sky. No Dumbledore.

You, my love, have to do it yourself.

And you absofuckinglutely CAN. (That’s what EFBAs DO.)

So for you, sister of my heart, I have created something to equip and empower you to step into the biggest bravest, most badass version of yourself.

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The EFBA Toolkit is a do-it-yourself program for women who want to be the strongest, bravest, kindest versions of themselves.

It’s for women who want more from this life.

More joy, more independence, more love, more wealth, more pleasure, more romance, more space, more authenticity, more clarity, more peace, more of what matters.

How you dress, how you talk, how you handle your money, where you devote your time and your energy, what you say ‘no’ to, how much pleasure you allow yourself– these things MATTER. Together, they make up your LIFE. You have the power to shape that life with a series of choices. These tools will help you make those choices like a strong, clear, gracious… badass.

I have created 12 new classes (plus two new post-election ones to help us live in this new world), plus carefully curated resources from every single program I’ve ever taught and put together the exact set of tools you need.

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The EFBA Toolkit includes:

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14 Power Session Audios + Transcripts:

  1. Planning Out Your Year Like An EFBA 
  2. Presence & Poise When Life Is A Shitstorm
  3. Personal Style: Showing Up As Your Most Elegant Self 
  4. Sensuality, Pleasure, and The Scandal of Female Bliss
  5. Boundaries, aka How To Love Your People 
  6. Family Patterns & Tribal Beliefs– Shifting Your Legacy
  7. Dealing with Critics, Haters, & Bullies
  8. How to Do Your Best Work
  9. Big Changes & Upper Limits
  10. Money and Wealth Part 1
  11. Money, Wealth, & Expansion Part 2
  12. Putting It All Together: Steering Your Life Like An EFBA
  13. How To Know You’re Precious (no matter what the world or the president says)
  14. How to BE THE CHANGE

You can go through the curriculum one month at a time to create your own personal year-long mentorship, or dive right in to whichever topic you need right NOW.

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Click here for an affordable payment plan.

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+ Plus a library of supplemental worksheets and resources:

  • The Daily & Weekly Compasses to steer your days & corral your To-Dos
  • The Sacred No: your handy-dandy boundary-setting ally
  • Quick Energy Shifts: 25 ways to feel better immediately
  • Shifting Inherited Beliefs worksheet to dig out old patterns
  • Queen Sweep resource: Mastering the Art of Financial Ease
  • Queen Sweep resource: Mastering the Art of Financial Expansion

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I have pulled together everything you need to help you step up and claim your own power. This way you can have me in your corner and access the EFBA mysteries all on your own, at a fraction of what it costs to work with me one-on-one.

Who am I? I’m Katherine. The original EFBA. I’m a tender, sensitive, dreamy, introverted mystic… and I’ve also deliberately turned myself into an epic fucking badass. I’ve created a life and a business for myself that I adore. Thousands of women around the world have used The Queen Sweep program to make their lives more beautiful, and I’m also the creator of Practical Magic for Secret Mystics, The Bliss Conspiracy, and The Birth Story Project. I currently work with a select few private clients in my year-long EFBA Mentorship.

I was a seriously happy single mom who unexpectedly fell in love, and now I’m married to the very best man in the whole world. (But when I fell in love with him, he was a woman… which is a very long and wonderful story I’ll tell you someday.)  Between us, we have five kids, a dog, a snake, and a minivan. We have exes and parenting agreements and diapers and immigration lawyers and life is COMPLICATED. I don’t live in a perfect fairy-tale life. (If you want someone who promises to take all your problems away, you need a different coach.)

But I love my life fiercely. I’ve made unconventional choices, and I made them without any regrets. I’ve busted through my own upper limits all over the place– around money, and love, and sex, and work– and I believe that this is sacred and worthwhile work. Yes, of course, I get tired and overwhelmed just like any working sod of a mother…but I also taste JOY. Deep, rich, delicious, effervescent, laugh-out-loud, come-out-of-your-eyes HAPPINESS.

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Life is complicated, but it’s also incredibly gorgeous. I am alive for every minute of it. And you can be too.

I truly believe that these tools will help you steer through your own complicated life so that you can take your rightful place at the helm and make it gorgeous. Strong. Courageous. A love warrior. Because that’s who you truly are.

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Listen up, sweet epic fucking badass.

You are more powerful than you know.

More shall be revealed.

You can DO this.

…You just need the proper tools.<

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Click here for an affordable payment plan.

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Nuts & Bolts: This is a digital do-it-yourself program. After your purchase, you will receive immediate access to the full curriculum of all 14 recorded audio sessions (recorded live in 2016) and transcripts, plus all bonus resources and worksheets. Your journal will be sent to you via snailmail. You can go ahead and get started right away with your Planning worksheet even before your journal arrives. All your EFBA Toolkit materials will live in a secret Vault and you’ll have access to them for as long as the Toolkit exists. 

Questions? Email us at!

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Click here for an affordable payment plan.

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