So who else is having pumpkin pie for breakfast today?

It was Thanksgiving Day here in the USA yesterday, the day when we count our blessings.  And today is ‘black Friday,’ the biggest shopping day of the year, where we forget everything we said yesterday. 

We’ve all heard a lot about gratitude the last few days, and the rebellious teenager in me tends to have a knee-jerk reaction to being told to do anything– even something as wholesome as being grateful for my beautiful life. 

Instead, I prefer to think of myself as being rrrrrich.  This cracks me up a little, and also reminds me of how true it is.  I have a whole free mini-course on this topic, which blends together gratitude practices, the spiritual discipline of experiencing bliss (I’m totally serious, it’s a great spiritual teacher), and a bit of snarkiness.  You can grab that free course here, but I know you’re busy, so I wanted to go ahead and give you a little gift today:

Your own True Wealth printable poster.  It looks like this….   

and you can grab it HERE. 

I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little reminder about my true wealth.  This isn’t about feeling guilty, it’s about telling the truth.  There are definitely people with more money than you in the world.  But if you’re reading this, there are also definitely people poorer than you.  (Yes, even if you’re in debt and feeling broke this week.)  

So you get to decide which story you want to tell– are you poor?  Or are you rich?  

I choose rrrrrich. 

Because it feels delicious and makes me grin.  

If you’d like a magnet to help you remember, just click here to take the free mini-course.  

Here’s to your true wealth, your deep bliss, and your beautiful heart. 

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