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Who I am:  I’m a master life coach helping successful women make breakthroughs in their lives so that they can have the careers, relationships, and lives that they want.


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My former career as a film and voice-over actor plus my nerdy passion for personal development make me comfortable in front of a camera, microphone, audience, or in print…and I’ve got some insightful (yet concise!) things to say.


My favorite topics to discuss include:

  • The habits and beliefs that keep successful women playing small
  • The pitfall of apology energy and why it holds ambitious women back
  • Combining motherhood and your career without losing your mind
  • How to change your whole life by cleaning up your clutter
  • The tribal beliefs that sabotage women’s wealth


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Official Bio


Anna Kunnecke is a master life coach who works with highly successful women around the world.  More than 5,000 women have made their lives more beautiful using her program The Queen Sweep, and she’s helped hundreds of sensitive souls learn how to set stronger boundaries with her course Practical Magic for Secret Mystics. Anna was living in Tokyo working as a voice-over actor when the 2011 earthquake hit Japan, and her post about that experience went viral. She is currently working on a memoir about her childhood growing up in Japan as an evangelical missionary kid and how she became a foulmouthed heathen mystic. Anna writes a weekly blog at DeclareDominion.com and is the founder of The Birth Story Project. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her daughter.

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