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Hey dearheart, let me ask you a question–


Can one angry person ruin your whole day?


If so, I want you to know that there is a way to stay calm and powerful, even when the people around you are losing their shit…

even if you’re super-sensitive to them.

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On TV, strong women have no problem dealing with bullshit.

Alicia Florick just smiles and says “see you in court.”

Cookie Lyon would chew them up and spit them out.

CJ Craig always had the perfect, witty, gracious smackdown.

But you? Your heart pounds. Your voice shakes. You back down. You feel sick and nauseated.

You perseverate, playing the conversation back a million times. And you wonder– how is it that a strong woman like me can let herself get so blindsided by one negative interaction?

Even when you keep it together on the outside, you sometimes feel shattered for hours…or even days.

Sometimes it’s more subtle than that.

Your friend raises her eyebrow at your new idea…and you want to crawl into a hole. You pour your heart out into a new offering…and one snarky email makes you want to call the whole thing off. Your kid cries when you say no…and you feel sick about it for days. Your boss gives you a piece of constructive criticism…and you fly into an invisible and silent blind rage, complete with tight smile, gritted teeth, and poison resentment locking up every cell of your body. Your spouse vents about his bad day at work, and you feel shredded, scared, and weirdly enough, guilty about something you had nothing to do with.

Okay, look, as long as we’re getting personal…

Do you ever feel like you’re just…different from most people? 

  • perfect strangers tell you their secrets
  • you just KNOW things
  • you catch subtleties that others miss
  • you can read the emotional tone of a room
  • sometimes you can sense the heartbeat of the whole world
  • you’re moved by beauty– music, flowers, poetry– it pours right into your soul

But sometimes I bet you feel so TIRED. 

  • tired of the waves of intense emotion that wash over you
  • tired of being tossed from the depths and heights with no warning
  • tired of taking on the endless sorrow around you
  • tired of worrying more about other people’s problems than your own
  • tired of other people draining your ‘juice’

You know what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve got news for you, sweet pea.

You’re not crazy. You’re not a drama queen.  You’re not too sensitive.

You’re just an empath.  Or to use my preferred term, a mystic.

EFBAHWPrint-101(Me too.  Hi, I’m Anna– master coach, heathen mystic, ex-missionary kid. I’m as sensitive as they come, but I’ve also learned how to be a badass– in fact, now I run a year-long coaching program for strong powerful women called the EFBA Mentorship. EFBA, naturally, stands for epic fucking badass.)

The truth is, you have a special set of antennae, an invisible tool belt, a coronet made of stardust. 


But I bet no one ever showed you how to use them.


You can receive communications from your body, the great mysteries, and your spidey senses.

You can experience so much joy that it will light up your very cells.

And most importantly, you can come to know who you truly are.

That inner clarity will help you trust your instincts, make bold decisions, and sniff out fakers.

I want to teach you what I’ve learned.

Because here’s a secret: the flip side of your sensitivity is an incredible connection to a rich trove of information.


It will feel like you’re remembering the oldest truths about yourself.


Secret Mystics


A step-by-step ebook companion for kindred spirits who want to feel safer and stronger, uncover their own mysterious gifts, and walk in the world with tenderness & power.

If you feel too sensitive sometimes, it’s not because you’re weak– it’s because you’re supposed to be a love warrior.

Welcome to strength straining for the kindred spirits.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • The 100-page ebook, aka seven chapters of my deepest soul
  • 7  gorgeous printable summary sheets
  • 5 guided meditation mp3s to help guide you through the experience 
  • 3 powerful worksheets to help you shift a tough time
  • Access to my private interview library  (over three hours of exclusive and very personal conversations with my own mystical teachers

Buy the ebook now:

Get the ebook, guided meditations, and worksheets, PLUS the mystic interview series.

Delivered immediately via email.

You’ll have everything you need to start on your mystic journey right away, for only:


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This ebook will show you how to:

  • Feel YOUR feelings, not other people’s– which actually makes you more compassionate
  • Tell the difference between intuition and fear so you know you’re making good decisions
  • Deal with bullies, unhook from energy vampires, and deflect drama so you feel peaceful


Learning to use your own magic doesn’t need to be heavy, dark, or scary. I will walk you every step of the way, showing you how to be safe and grounded as you also get very mystical indeed.


What the mystics say:

  • “It was an amazing blend of  expansive self exploration and hands down practical actions that help me stay in my power, shift energy and move forward in a much more grounded way. So grateful!” – Tracy C.
  • “One of my biggest life challenges has been managing my energy. I take on the energy of other people like a sponge, which often leaves me feeling drained and the other person feeling relief. Anna taught me how to create a sense of safety, how to get grounded, and how to protect my precious energy. Now I get clear and centered before a challenging interaction, and I can actually feel the energy shift in a positive way! I feel like I’ve reclaimed my personal power.” – Deana D.
  • “This helped me to discover that the energy I was seeking was not something to find outside myself but was something I had within me all the time.  Anna taught me to access my own energy and to connect with my own body; something I had never done. Earlier this week during an extremely busy time at work,we had to work a 15 hour day.  Everyone was complaining about how exhausted they were.  I stopped and checked in with myself/my body (a regular practice now) to see how I was feeling and realized I was feeling just fine. I had all the energy I needed.  Imagine that !  It was there all the time.” -Becky R.
  • “I was feeling pulled and pushed by so many things, I didn’t know where to begin to wade through it.  Anna helped me realize that, “What is wrong with me, why can’t I suck it up?” was not a valid question.  I needed to think, “Okay, I am more sensitive than most people.  How can I honor that and embrace that?”  It is nice to know I’m not the only one who feels drained by picking up other peoples’ vibes.  I cannot overstate how important what I have learned from Anna has been in my life.” – Carolyn
  • “I wanted to learn how to know what it means to be a modern day mystic. I have experienced many teachers who taught me this tool or that tool. I used them on and off. But I didn’t really know how to put it all together in a safe and practical way. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I continue to use the tools every day.” – Jo T.

Practical Magic for Secret Mystics is the practice of strengthening your emotional and spiritual muscles.  It’s a guided journey toward a deeper connection with your own inner wisdom.  It lays the foundation for a rich, beautiful, grounded inner life.

It’s the secret manual for powerful women.  You’ll practice drawing clear boundaries, tapping into a discernment so keen it’s almost spooky, deflecting criticism and drama, trusting your own instincts, and indulging in sensual pleasure and delight.

Hear ye, hear ye!  Practical Magic is NOT the following: This program will not teach you to magically conjure $2 million checks in the mail, use crystals to repel malevolent forces, or manifest a damn thing.  There will be no channeling, ghosts, angels, or astral travel.  We shall brew no herbs, neither shall we chant.  Nothing that comes from an ancient pyramid, distant planet, or a gleaming scroll.  But copious profanity.

On a more serious note, this program is not the right thing for anyone who is seriously depressed.  If your yearning has slipped into despair, then my darling dear I beg you to please, please find yourself a kind, skilled therapist.  You owe it to yourself and the world.


We work with 7 symbols:


1 The Key: Creating a sense of safety


This kind of work simply must begin from a place of grounded safety.  Most people don’t realize how jittery they habitually are, or how much relief they can get with this one step. You’ll learn:

·      The surprising secret about fear
·      An easy visualization technique to feel safer right away
·      When and how to trust your instincts



2 The Wand: Grounding into your own physical wisdom


You already have a magic wand: your body.  Just as trees stitch together the earth and sky, your body is the meeting of your physicality and your spirit.  To reach way up into the ether, you need to be oh so firmly rooted in the ground. You’ll learn:

·      How to trust your intuition and trust wisely, not blindly
·      The #1 way you’re unknowingly weakening your body
·      How to shift old patterns that drain your energy



3 The Cloak: Claiming your own space


You really can learn to create a strong energy around yourself that repels negativity and sets the tone for your interactions with others; but it’s a muscle you’ll build slowly and gently.  This is NOT something you can learn just by reading about it! You’ll learn:

·      Neurological research that sounds shockingly like ‘magic’
·      How to lead your interactions without being manipulative
·      The best way to neutralize criticism, attack, and judgment



4 The Moon: Working with larger rhythms


The moon pulls on the ocean and on all of us.  All transformation requires letting go of the old in order that something new may be born.  As women of all ages, we can’t ignore the cyclical nature of things even when we’d sometimes like to. You’ll learn:

·      How to work WITH our cyclical nature, not against it
·      Why you may never think about PMS the same way again
·      How to be crazy productive by being ridiculously lazy



5 The Banquet: Integrating your lost fragments


This is where we turn fragmented elements into a new and beautiful whole.  Here we embrace the wholeness of ourselves, deliberately creating room for lost elements of ourselves.  This is a gentle week but a transformative one.  You’ll watch the dross begin to turn to gold. You’ll learn:

·      How to gather a Council so you make wise decisions
·      Why you keep sabotaging yourself, and how to stop
·      How to turn your most irritating failings into strengths



6 Flying: Expanding your bliss


Time to practice soaring.  We’ll deliberately raise your set point for joy so that you can welcome more laughter, bliss, and pleasure into your life.  You will find the practices of this week to be utterly delicious. You’ll learn:

·      How to invoke pleasure (not pain) as your teacher
·      How you might unconsciously be blocking your own joy
·      Why the world needs you to “broadcast” your bliss



7 Elephant Wisdom: Advanced magic


Dreams.  Animal essences.  Hunches.  This is where we practice interpreting the messages that come to us as images, dreams, intuitions, and hints.  As we begin using the language of metaphor, our lives begin to speak to us more and more clearly.  This is a conversation that you will want to keep having the rest of your life. You’ll learn:

·    How to ask for guidance and make wise choices
·    How to be your own seer, prophet and sage
·    How to tune in to the deep heartbeat under everything


Our truest callings come to us through our yearnings.  If you feel longing, curiosity, a tug, then that IS the calling.  That’s how magic works.

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The world NEEDS you.

The world is absolutely starving for more loving, empathic, spiritual women to step into their power and lead their families, businesses, and communities with tenderness and fierce womanly wisdom. And we, the women, can’t do that when we’re feeling raw, overwhelmed, and jerked around.

The change we want to see in the world must start inside us.  We cannot make peace in the world until we have it inside ourselves.

We are the ones, you guys.  Us, with the tender hearts and big feelings.



Still hesitant? Good! A mystic should keep her skepticism sharp. Ask me things.

Imagine that we’re sitting in my living room.  Let me pour you a cup of tea.

Dearheart, please honor your own knowing.  If you feel clenched, panicked, or a little sick — by all means, declare this isn’t right for you.  Traveling mercies!  But if you feel scared yet exhilarated, yearning yet uncertain…then let’s look at your concerns one by one.


  • I’m too smart to believe in this energy nonsense. Soon you’ll be trying to get me to sell crystals in some pyramid scheme.

Listen, you SHOULD be skeptical. There is a lot of hooey in the self-help world, and some genuine snake oil. But please pay attention to what I am promising to teach you. I do NOT promise that you’ll be manifesting million-dollar checks, attracting effortless abundance, and mystically calling in true love. (side note: I could sell way more ebooks if I did promise those things. But it’s not true, and not my style. Walk away from the people who promise those things.) However. I will show you how to learn to trust your own instincts, feel safer and stronger in your own body, and handle difficult situations without getting triggered (as often or as much). I can’t make you superhuman. There are no magic pills here. But I can show you how to build your own emotional and psychic muscles so they get stronger. I’ve built the gym and I’ll show you how to use it– and if you show up and practice, I know that you’ll get stronger.


  • Things aren’t that bad.  I can keep muddling through a little bit longer…

I know you can.  You can do that for decades, probably, before something in you rises up and revolts.  I also know that would be a total waste of your truest, most beautiful self.  You have enormous gifts inside you, and the world needs them.  Life gets easier, lighter, and much more joyful when you learn to work with your true nature instead of fighting it. (More on that in chapter 4.)


  • I have lots of time to figure this out.

Maybe.  Not to be dramatic, but I was there for the earthquake in Japan in March 2011.  I don’t take time for granted any more.  And my daughter reminds me every day that while I’m waiting for my real life to start, she’s watching me just as I am right now. And I don’t want to miss a single moment of life as it is right here, right now.


  • I can’t afford it.

Totally fair.  I never, ever, want anyone to go into debt for one of my programs.  That’s why I’ve made the ebook as accessible as possible.  Still, you have to honor your financial reality.  Sometimes the simple truth is you don’t need more debt.  Other times, the truth is that you’re starving yourself at the banquet of your real life.  Only you know which is the case. Listen to your gut: nausea says no, butterflies say yes.  (We cover this in Week 2.)


  • I don’t have enough time.

I am a single mother, and I run my own business.  I designed this program so that my busiest friends and I could do it even if the babysitter canceled.  Ten minutes a day, whenever you can fit it in.


  • Will it hurt?

Absolutely not.  We do go into your most secret places.  But we go gently, oh so gently!  This book will show you how to take care of the tender parts of ourselves that we don’t dare show to the world.  There is no safer place I know than inside the circle of you, strong and whole.


  • I don’t want to tap into dark or negative energies. I don’t want to contact ghosts, demonic forces, or anything like that.

ME EITHER. I think it’s foolish to go dabbling around in esoteric realms unless you know what you’re doing. Throughout the book I will encourage you to declare dominion over your experience. The basic practices of being a mystic are all about learning to create strong, loving boundaries and welcoming in only loving, supportive energies.  Here’s a good barometer: if the thought of having a spirit animal spooks you out, this might be too ‘out there’ for you.  But if the thought of having a spirit animal  makes you feel slightly scandalized at believing such kooky (yet delightful!) things, come on in, kindred spirit.


  • What if there’s something so wrong with me that nothing can fix it? 

To this, I can only say that I created this program SPECIFICALLY for women who secretly believe that there’s something so wrong in them that it’s unfixable –– like I used to feel.  Darling, I believe that is the great cosmic lie.  You don’t need fixing.  Can you imagine, for just a moment, that you are exactly the way you are for an excellent reason?

And you are SO MUCH STRONGER than you know. But this will help.


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Get the ebook, guided meditations, and worksheets, PLUS the mystic interview series.

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Sweetheart, it’s time.
Now is not the time for shrinking.
Now is the time for expanding.
Now is the time to take your true place. 

Most empaths are highly discerning but have been told their whole lives to stop being so sensitive or dramatic or critical.  Have you ever felt a twist in your gut around someone who seems perfectly nice?  Or an uneasy fluttering as you agree to volunteer for a project that will turn out to be a nightmare?  Those sensations are trying to HELP you.  You have access to more information than most people do.  But there’s no point carrying around an encyclopedia if you don’t know how to read it!

It’s time to learn some uncommon things about being a woman.

You can stand up to bullies, draw good boundaries, and move gracefully through the chaotic churning of the physical world. And the world really, really needs you to.

Please let me show you how.

much love,



P.S. Have a question? Email– we’re happy to help!