Maybe you’re in an intense life situation: a crossroads, a divorce, a crisis.

Maybe you’ve taken on a daunting project: a challenging new leadership role, motherhood, or a new business.


Or maybe you’re simply ready to step into the next level of your own power and potential.


The season of alchemy is three months of private coaching designed to help you make a big shift in the way you handle your life.


In the safe space of our nine private phone coaching sessions, we go deep.


We dig into the heart of what isn’t working, and we transform it.


This is where you turn your dross into gold.




6 – 45-minute phone coaching sessions

1 – 20-minute crisis call (shit goes down; you text me; we hop on phone to talk it through)


This is the package for those who want to make a radical change, make a very big decision, or set something in motion.


Investment: $5,000