New! Private Coaching with Anna~


~A 1:1 coaching experience to help you fill back up~

I know you.

When you’re filled up and lit up–


You can shift worlds with your enthusiasm.

You can set things on fire with one fierce  gaze.

You have the unusual ability to make things just HAPPEN– easily, joyfully.

But lately… are you feeling like your powers are at low ebb?

Have you been pushing too hard?

Running on empty?

Depleting your precious inner resources?

Ahhhh, sister. It’s time to replenish.

Remember when you were LIT UP?

Remember when you had that spark in your eye and that sway in your hips?

Remember how new ideas spilled from your lips and your heart?

Let’s get you filled back up.

It happens to all of us, warrior.

We get dry.

Sometimes it’s because we’ve poured it all out in a fiery act of creativity. Sometimes we’ve over-given to the people around us: lovers, children, bosses. Sometimes we’re just in an intense season that demands much of us.

But you know it’s gone too far because you feel brittle. Fragile. Tapped out. It feels like a wind could take you down.

You reach for inspiration, and there’s nothing there.

Sometimes you’re so tired you can hardly breathe.

You used to gush with ideas and rain down on the world with your enthusiasm, your humor, your light.

You hardly know who you are when you’re dry as a bone like this.

It’s okay, dearheart. This doesn’t mean you’re broken; it just means you’re empty.

There is a deep wisdom in telling the truth about what you need in this season.

It’s time to replenish.

To fill back up.

To plug back into your sacred energies.

To remember who you really are.

To rekindle that light in your eyes, put the sass back in your walk, and bring you back to your fullest self.


So you can love from a full heart.

So you can show up with your full brilliance.

So your creativity can bloom again.


I haven’t offered private sessions outside of a year-long commitment in– how long?– years.

Now I feel a strong pull to go deep with a few women in this particular season.

I am pondering the energies of replenishment, for myself and for the women of the world.

So I’m opening a few rare spots to work with me privately this autumn.

5 sessions –$3,000

9 sessions –$5,000

12 sessions + a crisis call –$7,000

I only have room to work with a couple of people, and these spots are first-come, first-served.

After you send in your (simple, easy) application, we’ll hop on the phone to make sure that this is the right thing, for you, for right now.

Let’s see if this is the season for us to work together so that you can be full, replete, brimming, and luscious.


 Ask yourself:
What would I create if I were my fullest, juiciest self?


Wait, is this your new year-long program? I thought it was called the EFBA Circle?

Heads up! The EFBA Circle is coming soon. It’s a year-long circle for women who are (becoming) epic fucking badasses. It’s a structured group program that will walk you through an entire year of setting goals and hitting them while flexing your muscles so you become stronger professionally, spiritually, emotionally, and in your relationships. You’ll hear about that in the next couple of weeks. This is something different– a deep-dive private experience for a strong woman at a particularly intense juncture in her life where she needs personalized, ultra-intimate support, just you and me.