Oh, my clients.  How I adore them.

My clients have…

  • Professional reputations to manage.
  • Alliances and confidentiality to respect.
  • Colleagues, employees, and loved ones to protect.
  • Cultural and political landscapes to navigate.
  • Tricky family dynamics to negotiate.

I protect their privacy FIERCELY.


I have worked with…  

  • Executives
  • Attorneys
  • Designers
  • Directors of Nonprofits
  • Academics
  • Producers
  • Political spouses
  • Heads of marketing firms
  • Small business owners
  • Psychologists
  • Artists


  • Parents of sick kids
  • Writers
  • Human rights advocates
  • Consultants
  • Family matriarchs
  • New moms
  • Department Heads
  • Retired women ready to reinvent themselves
  • Brick and mortar business owners
  • Researchers
  • Solopreneurs


What do all these people have in common?

They are passionate about their work, whether that’s arguing a case in court or creating a beautiful family.

They want to do things that MATTER.  They want to live a life that will leave a legacy.

They wonder if they should change jobs.  Move.  Leave their marriage.  Fire that employee.  Pitch a different project.  Start a different business.  Should they speak out or lay low?  Should they keep their head down or rock the boat?

Women work with me when they’re…

  • At the top of their game and they have to make 8,000 important decisions a day.
  • Under a lot of scrutiny and they need a safe place to do their own processing.
  • Going through a divorce, a lawsuit, or someone is sick.
  • Feeling itchy in their career and they’re not sure if it’s them…or the career.
  • Secretly feeling a pit in their stomach about their relationship.
  • Sick of rolling over for the assholes in their life.
  • Ready to get back to the juicy woman they used to be…or always wanted to be.

When life is really intense, you need someone who’s got your back.  


Do you think you might be one of my future clients?

Take this extremely scientific quiz:

Do you—

  1. love the book Anne of Green Gables and understand in your bones what makes someone a kindred spirit?
  2. sometimes look at all the people walking around mindlessly and feel utterly, singularly alone?
  3. thrill to beauty in its purest form, whether that’s spirit, romantic love, the ocean, your favorite book, or throaty laughter?
  4. loathe shallow chitchat, abhor namedropping, and have little patience for bullshit?

If you answered yes to 3 of the above questions, you’re one of us.


This is your life….

so let’s make it GORGEOUS.

Interested in working together?

Send me an email.  I’ll tell you where you should start.

When you talk, you shouldsound like an elegant, gracious... badass.

('cause that's who you are.)

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Use them wisely. 

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