Declare Dominion Over Your Money

(Even if you’re a creative entrepreneur!)

This webinar has ended– but if you want to manage your money #likeaboss, check out my new program: 


Money In The Bank: The only personal finance system designed exclusively for entrepreneurs!

What you’ll learn:

Why most financial advice doesn’t work for entrepreneurs

How to always have enough for your household (even in lean biz months)

The big shift that will get you out of the feast or famine cycle

When to play it safe… and when to take big risks in your business

How to stop worrying and start enjoying your life (isn’t that why you’re in business?!) 

About Anna:

Hi there!

I’m Anna. I run my solopreneur biz from my laptop. I’m the main breadwinner for my family of SEVEN. (Aren’t they cute?) So I take my money REALLY SERIOUSLY. And I’m on a mission to help other entrepreneurs get a HANDLE on their money– because no one teaches us how to do it, and most of the traditional personal finance rules just don’t apply! I can’t wait to talk to you about everything I’ve learned (mostly the hard way) in 17 years of working for myself. In this free webinar, I’ll share my complete system for how I now manage my money like a boss. Ups and downs are part of business, but you CAN have peace of mind that your family’s finances will be fine even if you’re having a lean month. It took me over a decade to figure this out, but I’m going to give it to you WAY less time than that!

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