The EFBA Mentorship is going to blow your mind.

This is a year of mentoring that can change your whole life. It’s where you become the most radiant, strong, loving, epic fucking badass version of yourself.  

It’s deep.  It’s intimate.  It’s by application only.

We work together for a full YEAR to make your life gorgeous.

A full year with me in your corner helping you be the epic fucking badass you always knew you had in you. There will be tears. There will be uproarious laughter. There will be salty jokes and moments where you shimmer with the realization of what is possible for you.

I’ll bring the signature blend of tough love and tender support that make this yearlong immersion program so unique.

You’ll bring your willingness to step up and be brave.

You’ll feel safer than you’ve ever felt…even as you do fantastically scary things.

This is where you become the woman you always knew you COULD be.  You’re going to love her so very much.

Ready to be an Epic Fucking Badass?

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