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Just you and me. Tell me all the things.
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A safe place that’s JUST for you.

Because some conversations can only happen in the safest, quietest space.

Most of us are starving for a truly safe space where we can catch our breath, tell the unguarded truth, and make powerful choices.

Maybe that’s why so many of my clients say that they feel relief immediately upon committing to coaching– even before our first session! That’s because your soul KNOWS.

Blocking in support for yourself is a badass move.

It forces you to carve out time in your calendar for YOU–  to witness, grapple with, and transform it all.

This inner work lets you show up as the clearest, truest, fiercest, kindest version of yourself out in the world— at work, at the negotiation, in your relationship, and with your kids.

You’ll come to trust yourself more deeply, make quicker decisions, and put up with less bullshit. You’ll also get more clear on what joy means to you and go after it like a BOSS!

Relief flooded through me.

I desperately needed someone that I could trust to listen to me about a sensitive topic and knew that Anna was the right person. Her advice is not cookie cutter and, while it’s loving, she respects my abilities enough not to let me off the hook. She intuitively knows where I am on certain things, whether I need a push or a hug! I’ve had a mindset shift about both myself and how I approach my loved ones. I look forward to continuing the conversation!

— Laurie, private coaching client

I know you.

Or rather, I know a lot of women who are very much like you.

When you’re filled up and lit up, you’re magnificent.

You can set things on fire with one fierce gaze.

You’re a kindred spirit.

Intense. Passionate. Too much for some people. My favorite.

But maybe the mountain feels too high, the tangle too knotted.

Maybe you’ve persevered so long on your own, and you’re TIRED.

Maybe you’re running on empty. (Just hypothetically, don’t you know.)

Let’s talk about how to fill you up.

I only work with a few one-on-one coaching clients at a time.

Because when you’re on an extraordinary journey, you require extraordinary support.

And some conversations can only happen in private.

Free Coaching Consultation

Just like you, I want to make sure that we’re a good match and that I’m the right companion on this journey.

How it works: You’ll choose a spot in my calendar. Then, I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me get to know you. At the appointed time, I’ll give you a call, and we’ll chat for about 20 minutes. I’ll ask you some questions, you’ll ask me some questions, and we’ll decide if we’re meant to work together.

Free Coaching Consultation

Just like you, I want to make sure that we’re a good match and that I’m the right companion on this journey.

How it works: You’ll choose a spot in my calendar. Then, I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me get to know you. At the appointed time, I’ll give you a call, and we’ll chat for about 20 minutes. I’ll ask you some questions, you’ll ask me some questions, and we’ll decide if we’re meant to work together.

Level One

5 sessions


Level Two

9 sessions


Level Three

12 sessions + 1 crisis call


Code Red Single Session

The “I-have-to-make-a-huge-decision right now” session

Yes or no? Stay or go? Be diplomatic, or play hardball? Ask for more, or walk away?

Sometimes you need to make a BIG decision, and FAST.

A Code Red Session is an intensive strategy session to help you get crystal clear about what you want and how to get it. You’ll leave our conversation knowing exactly what to do next.

Not seeing an option that feels quite right? Let’s talk about designing a custom coaching plan to fit your needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

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When is a good time in life to do private coaching?

When every day requires 372 decisions, 14 careful diplomatic conversations, and 3 nerve-racking negotiations.

When your job/business/family/notoriety means that there are very few people you can talk to with 100% freedom.

When you want a promotion and you can’t quite seem to do the scary things you need to do to make it happen.

When you GOT the promotion and holy shit it’s terrifying!

When you are going through a divorce, a custody proceeding, a health crisis, or any of life’s loneliest, toughest patches.

When you have a tiny scary wondering about your marriage that you can’t possibly whisper out loud to anyone in your life.

When you used to love your job and kids and house and now you HATE everything but you don’t mean it but dear god it’s all so much.

When you want to make a big change… but in a sane, grounded way that doesn’t explode everything.

When that little imp of a dream gets big and roars in your ear and will no longer be ignored.

Any time you’re ready to become the next, bigger, stronger, fiercer, more radiant version of yourself (which the whole universe is holding its breath just HOPING you will do, by the way!).

This fluffy stuff is all very nice, but I have a high-powered corporate job.

Most of my clients do. They’re power players. Most of them run successful departments or businesses.

They talk to me because I don’t work for them and I’m not trying to impress them and I don’t need a damn thing from them.

They need a safe place to spill, process, work through their own shit, make decisions, and get help putting them into action. I’ve spent enough years in a suit and conference rooms that I understand the challenges they face, but I’ve made enough renegade choices that I’m not afraid of what will happen to them if they take risks, play big, and tell the truth about what they really want.

How do people justify investing so much in private coaching?

Because life is complicated but we can also make it GORGEOUS.

Because you can’t change your childhood, your DNA, or your past relationships…
but you can sure as hell be in charge of what happens from here on out.

This is about your trajectory. Tracing an arc across the sky and saying, “I’m starting here and I want to end up THERE.”

Sometimes it’s about launching something new. Sometimes it’s about healing an old pattern. Sometimes it’s about breaking through a wall or a ceiling. And sometimes it’s just about feeling better. Much, much better. I’ve done this work with entrepreneurs, artists, writers, mothers, teachers, lawyers, business owners. They might look different on the outside, but these women all have something in common: a fierce knowing inside them that there’s something more for them.

Something they want to create.
Something they want to heal.
Something they want to unleash.

I’m their safe place, their kick in the pants, their fiercely loyal ally. I push my clients to be braver, to have radical compassion on themselves, to make wise decisions, and to run their careers like epic fucking badasses. I help them heal the hurt parts in themselves that are keeping them crumpled and small. I help them turn on a dime and create long-term plans. I help them live with no regrets.

I help them turn their life into their own most valuable treasure.

And that’s one hell of an investment.

But aren't you in Canada? Because I am in Oslo. How does that work?

All my private coaching takes place on the phone or over the internet. My clients are all over the world, but the phone lets us connect deeply and intimately in a way that’s really private and safe (and doesn’t require chitchat, cups of coffee, or makeup).

When will sessions be? How will they happen? I need details!

Sessions take place on weekdays, usually between 9am and 2pm Pacific. Our calls are 45 minutes, scheduled in advance, and can be recorded if you like. I’ll call you so you don’t pay international phone charges. You’ll send me an update before every session so our conversation is focused, rich, and moves you forward.

Can we talk about parenting / work / marriage / sex / business?

We can talk about ANYTHING. I’m not a business coach, a sex or relationship expert, and I’m right in the thick of parenting myself. So I don’t pretend to bring specialized expertise to these conversations, and in particular if you’re a new entrepreneur, I suggest you hire a super smart biz coach.

But what I can do is hold up an honest, loving mirror so you can clear away the murkiness and becomes the clearest, strongest, most loving badass version of YOU in any and all of those situations. How we do anything is how we do everything, and the beauty of these private intimate conversations is that nothing is off the table!

You swear a lot. But you also mention missionaries. Are you safe for me?

I am an ex-Christian. I was raised in Japan by missionary parents, who are delightful and deeply devout people. We love each other a lot even though we have radically different spiritual philosophies.

I am a heathen mystic, I’m a pro-choice feminist, and I’m a queer woman married to a transgender man. Also, yes, I swear a whole fucking lot. So you decide, love. This is why I always get on the phone for a no-obligation consult with potential clients before we jump into the deep end together.

Trust your gut. And if you’re not sure, grab one of my free resources and read my weekly missives for a while; you’ll know pretty soon whether we’re kindred spirits or not.

Who shouldn’t work with a coach?

If you’re already blissfully happy with every single area of your life, there’s not much I can help you with. (Although, actually, I think I would still get coached because I think it’s so fascinating and helpful to shine a light on ourselves.)

But also, if you’re seriously depressed or you’ve had major trauma that’s never had a compassionate witness, you really owe it to yourself to see a skilled, kind therapist.

If you’re in an abusive situation, considering suicide, or in any sort of danger, please call a local hotline right now. It might be the bravest thing you ever do. I’d love to help, but I’m not equipped to help you through that.

The classic metaphor is that a doctor or therapist works with people who are injured to help them get back to health. And a trainer or coach helps people who are basically healthy to get faster, stronger, and really freaking happy.

Interestingly enough, my old therapist is now a coach and she says that she wishes she’d had the tools she has now back then. People who have been in therapy for years sometimes can make huge leaps when they switch to the coaching modality, because it shifts the focus from the past to the present and the future. I think therapy and coaching are both incredibly valuable at different points in someone’s trajectory.

What if I need help RIGHT NOW?

True transformation takes time. But every now and then you have to make a big decision IN LIKE 72 HOURS. That’s why I created the Code Red Single Session, so when shit is really going down you can get clear, neutral, unbiased advice and a cool head and warm heart helping you make wise decisions at those high-stakes moments.

I have a different question!

I have answers! Email me and let’s talk.